Welcome to The HUT a drop-in center for those who have a mental health diagnosis or are concerned about their mental wellness, as well as families, friends, and loved ones of those living with a mental health diagnosis. We focus on community, mental health, education, and opportunities for our community to socialize.

DROP-IN CENTER OPEN: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Calendar of Events:


Eventbrite event and class registrations

EVENTS: For everyone’s safety if you regularly plan to attend events or drop in at The Hut, we do require a completed registration form with emergency contacts. Please complete the online form here:  REGISTRATION

Would you like to help your community?

Volunteers are needed every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to be at The Hut. Shifts are scheduled in 2-hour increments, you may volunteer for all 4 hours but please complete both sign-ups. Responsibilities involve greeting guests, chatting with attendees, and assisting with scheduled programming and registrations. Maintaining COVID protocol cleaning and attending to requests for assistance and information. Take a shift at the Drop-In Center – Volunteers Sign up here

Volunteer dates are added one month in advance.