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National Strategy to Help Health Workers Recover

Op-Ed: We need a national strategy to help health workers recover from the stress of the pandemic

“COVID-19 has hit our already burdened healthcare workforce like a sledgehammer. More than a year into the pandemic, an immediate, full-scale effort to support healthcare workers and help them stay in the workforce is necessary if the U.S. healthcare system is to survive.

Before the onset of COVID-19, one-third to one-half of health professionals were experiencing burnout and distress — a rate higher than what’s seen in other demanding fields such as law and academia. Burnout can lead to anxiety, depression, even suicide. It can affect health workers’ job performance and propel them to leave the workforce. Ultimately, high rates of burnout may compromise the function of the health system and threaten access to high-quality care.

That is why we need a national strategy, not only to help healthcare workers recover from the pandemic, but also to mitigate preexisting drivers of burnout. An essential first step is a tracking system to monitor their physical and mental health.

This system would be managed by the federal government and establish Continue reading”

Frontline Workers benefit from Frontline Wellness

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